YU Press

Harbotzas Torah has always been an integral part of Yeshiva University’s mission. Including print and electronic media, the opportunities for preparing and disseminating Torah scholarship have never been greater. Featuring world-renowned Roshei Yeshiva, ongoing Torah learning at the highest level, and hundreds of musmachim leading Jewish communities dedicated to Torah ideals, YU/RIETS is in a unique position to impact the Jewish community worldwide and its desire for greater Torah study.

Several years ago, we began what we call “the YU Torah Initiative”—a determined effort to encourage, cultivate, and  spread published Torah scholarship from the faculty of YU/RIETS and others within the YU family, often in conjunction with the Michael Scharf Publication Trust of Yeshiva University Press. Since its inception, the YU Torah Initiative has brought several quality works to completion, both in Hebrew and in English, and many others are in the planning stages or further along in process, including enhancements to the Marcos and Adina Katz YUTorah online website (YUTorah.org), Holiday to Go (Torah packets for the chagim), Shabbat Table Discussion material, and other publications.  

The RIETS initiative of Yeshiva University Press is dedicated to bringing to publication Torah volumes by the roshei Yeshivah and faculty of YU. These volumes include both Hebrew and English works devoted to Halakhah, Talmudic analysis, Biblical exegesis, and Jewish thought. These volumes represent the written expression of the outstanding scholarship and teaching that takes place at Yeshiva.